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North star


Whether you are a small start-up, a NGO or a large commercial enterprise, you want to ensure you get the maximum effect of your resources and invested capital. 

We often hear we “need to go faster” or “work smarter”. 

A North Star helps you go faster or smarter in one direction. 

A clear North Star will help you unite your resources internally and get the maximum effect of your efforts with your external resources. 

Your employees want to be energized going to work every day.  Your customers want to understand why you are in business for them, and partners want to be part of your mission.

A North Star is a source of direction, motivation, understanding and support.

Leidar can help you both develop your North Star and communicate it effectively with a strategic narrative.

Developing and realizing your North Star is core to what we see as our own purpose.

How we work with you to develop your North Star depends on your organization, strategy and where you are in your journey.  Sometimes we just update the mosaic of the various components in the North Star, other times we do an update or rework of various elements.

Our experience is that often companies use different consultants for different elements, and this may lead to lack of clear logic or disjointed definitions.  We are always available to improve and clarify, and we will be guided by a clear definition and understanding of the various elements of the North Star:

  • Vision – a picture of the future beyond the four walls of the organisation, using inspiring language to evoke emotion and give staff, and customers, a wider sense of direction
  • Mission – the clear business idea of the organisation, as well as policies and standards, linked to the values
  • Values – individual, relationship, organisational and societal values that clearly define behaviour and interaction with all stakeholders
  • Purpose – a clear description of what your organisation brings to society and how you are unique. It is the sum of your vision, mission and values

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