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We are local where global opinions are shaped.

Discover unique perspectives with us.

Leidar is a full service international communications consultancy that delivers on both local and global levels.

In particular, we have a unique capability to deliver seamlessly across the capitals of global influence: Geneva, Brussels, London, Norway, Dubai, Singapore, Washington and New York. We are, therefore, uniquely positioned to support global headquarters in running international communications programmes. Our well-established network of partners allows us to deliver quickly in any part of the world. And our senior team brings unique experience from managing global programmes on a global scale both from the client side and consultancy engagements.

Our offices



Geneva is the world’s second largest UN location, after New York, making it the focal point for international policy-making and advocacy.



The EU sets the standard for global regulation and policy. Every global company and organisation needs to follow what’s happening in Brussels.



The UK is one of the world’s biggest economies and London is the leading financial and media centre.



Norway is a very attractive market for international companies and organisations. And Leidar is well placed to help advocacy and branding campaigns both inside and outside Norway.



Our Dubai office is helping clients in Europe and the Middle East engage with stakeholders and extract maximum value across key geographies.



As Southeast Asia continues to gain traction on the international stage, Singapore has become the gateway to the region for international companies looking to set foot in the region.


Washington, DC

Washington is the home of some of the world’s largest press corps. The presence of the media and all the important constituencies, make Washington one of the most important capitals of influence.


New York

New York is the undisputed global capital of business.  This is why Leidar’s Corporate & Financial practice resides here.

Leidar is a member of:

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Public Affairs Council