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Strategic narrative


Every organisation is unique and that can be hard to capture.

That is why we facilitate discussions around your North Star, leading to a clear vision, mission, values and purpose that inspire successful navigation and engaging communications.

Vision – a picture of the future beyond the four walls of the organisation, using inspiring language to evoke emotion and give staff, and customers, a wider sense of direction

Mission – the clear business idea of the organisation, as well as policies and standards, linked to the values

Values – individual, relationship, organisational and societal values that clearly define behaviour and interaction with all stakeholders

Purpose – a clear description of what your organisation brings to society and how you are unique. It is the sum of your vision, mission and values

The strategic narrative needs to reflect your North Star to be unique and support your strategic direction. We work with you to extract the essence of your North Star to inform the work with your narrative.

The narrative itself is based on the following components:

  • Themes developed around a clear logic
  • Messages that reinforce the benefits you bring to your audiences or that explain the change you need to drive
  • Facts that reinforce your credibility and/or plan
  • Stories that help you connect with your stakeholders
  • A clear call-to-action

Our strategic advice

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