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Financial communication


Leidar can help you get your financial communication right and aligned with your overall North Star.  We help companies list on the Nordic stock exchanges for the first time (IPO).  We also assist with spin-offs and integration of new units through post integration and M&A communication strategies.

Financial communications is changing and we see a shift from stand-alone IR practice focused on numbers to a more holistic reporting.  Many listed companies do not fully appreciate this strategic shift, continuing to report financial performance in a traditional fashion.

Leidar can support Investor Relations and financial executives in shaping strategic content that reflects the North Star of the enterprise and takes ESG reporting fully on board.  Leidar offers hands on experience from addressing key stakeholders, including media, the financial markets and internal audiences. We combine our significant experience from executive management and investor relations with our insights into North Star-centric strategic communications coupled with ESG strategies and sustainability.

Leidar works with several asset management and financially oriented enterprises, thereby bringing relevant insight into the financial world.  Our unique value is that we couple our capabilities to shape strategic communications, incorporating the needs of investors and all affiliated target groups.

Our financial communication consulting can encompass:

  • IPO communication strategy and support (Nordic Stock Exchanges)
  • Integrated communication strategies in support of IPO, spin-offs and M&A
  • Ongoing content development and strategic support in connection with launch of quarterly and annual financial results
  • Strategies for reflecting your North Star and ESG progress in financial reporting
  • Training and coaching of CFO and CEO to deliver financial communications effectively
  • General employee training in communication policies helping financially focused companies to create value by communicating in an effective and trustworthy manner

Our strategic advice

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