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Environmental, social & governance


Companies face increasing scrutiny regarding their sustainability commitments and declarations.

Effective ESG strategies have to start with the work. But that is not enough on its own. They also need to be based on ESG reporting showcasing real action, combined with strong sustainability communications that galvanise internal and external communities. The bridge between the two is fundamental to ensure both credibility and impact.

ESG reporting

In the preparation of an ESG report, we normally organise a short series of meetings with relevant staff to discuss the organisation’s sustainability ambitions, understand the existing initiatives under the E, S and G headings, and discuss any interesting case studies that can be used throughout the report to highlight the work that organisation has already undertaken.

Sustainability communications

Companies and organisations are increasingly judged by how they contribute to society and the challenges facing planet earth. Sustainability commitments are no longer about words: they are about action and engagement.

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