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Change management


Organisations undergoing change face two distinct sets of challenges: making the right operational changes and, critically, engaging with both internal and external audiences so they understand, accept and embrace the need for change and the substance of that change.

Without stakeholders’ support, operational changes won’t work. This is especially true of mergers and acquisitions.

We act as a partner throughout that change management process. First, we help organisations to articulate the why of change. We then support the communication of the how, using the most appropriate channels to disseminate information about what the change really means in practice for the stakeholders.

We help organisations around the world prepare for, manage, and communicate around change.

Change management and change communications can encompass:

  • Issue mapping and risk mitigation protocols
  • Cultural alignment in connection with M&A processes
  • Communication planning and delivery for postmerger integration
  • Definition of the internal narrative
  • Internal communications
  • Employer branding programmes
  • Employee engagement programmes
  • Identifying internal champions
  • Ambassadors’ programmes
  • Change communications strategy
  • Internal leadership positioning

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