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Leidar Norway has new managing director


Ingrid Helsingen Warner will become the new Managing Director of Leidar Norway as of the 1st of January 2018.

She succeeds Morten Woldsdal who steps into a role as senior adviser and partner in Leidar Norway. 

Ingrid will lead a team of 15 people between the company’s offices in Oslo and Kongsvinger, where Anders Fjeld continues as manager and partner. Ingrid Helsingen Warner has been a part of the team since Leidar was established in 2010.

In Norway Leidar offers a good combination of senior knowledge on both visual and written communication, and an increasing number of customers rely on us as their sole partner in building both their brand and reputation. We will continue to focus on being a leading advisor for those that want integrated communications in both Norway and internationally.

It is inspiring to see that Ingrid is now ready to lead the company in Norway. Her international background and experience have been important in building Leidar in Norway and the countries we operate.

Morten has led agencies for more than 20 years, and the time has now come to let the younger take lead. Morten wishes to use all his time to support clients and he will continue to helping build Leidar in Norway and elsewhere.

Ingrid has been ready for a long time to take on bigger challenges, and she has distinguished herself as one of the foremost young advisors and communicators in Norway. We look forward to working alongside her and the rest of the team to further strengthen Leidar in the Norwegian market.

Rolf Olsen

CEO, based in Geneva

Rolf Olsen launched Leidar in 2010 and continues to lead the company as CEO.  He advises clients on strategy and narrative development; crisis management; and complex reputational issues on a global scale.

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