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ESG for public affairs and advocacy practitioners


The COVID-19 pandemic has not diverted the public policy focus from tackling concrete issues on areas such as environmental, social and (corporate) governance – ESG.

On the contrary, many governments and institutions have committed to use the aftermath of the pandemic to step up these efforts. At the same time, many corporations and trade associations have developed ESG programmes, resetting their ambitions for 2025 or 2030, using new concepts, tools and language. 

Is it a matter of competitive advantage or is it a question of maintaining the license to engage with policy and decision-makers?

Leidar and the ECPA are delighted to bring together experts on ESG to give you an advanced appreciation of these emerging concepts and to discuss how best to navigate the “new normal”. 

The panel discussion will address the following:  

  • “New Normal”: real change or simple repackaging for external engagement?
  • ESG reporting and benchmarking: towards a sustainable trend?
  • Impact for advocacy and public affairs professionals

Leidar has developed a set of analytical tools to help identify the sustainability position of organisations and the journey they want – or need – to undertake to remain relevant, in particular with policy-makers. During the panel discussion, we will share insights from our ongoing research and engagement with the corporate sector, investors and NGOs.    

Please register to attend:

A link will be sent out to participants prior to the event.

Łukasz Bochenek

Managing Director / Deputy CEO, based in Geneva

Łukasz is Managing Director of International Strategy and Client Service. He is based in Geneva and leads an international team across Geneva, Brussels and London.

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