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Myths and facts about lobbying


I was interviewed by Swiss National Radio on the subject of lobbying, providing me with another opportunity to express my strong opinion that lobbying is a part of human nature.

Decisions of the others impact us. Sometimes we can impact those decisions so it’s natural to want as much influence over these decisions as possible. That’s lobbying.

For a long time, lobbying has been associated with manipulation and negotiations in grey areas, making it notorious. But in fact, lobbying is good for democratic processes because it helps various groups voice their concerns and opinions.

There’s a growing tendency to regulate lobbying activities because of that notoriety. The Transparency Register of European Commission is a great example. It lists all influence groups, be they corporates or NGOs, that aim to influence decision-making processes at the EU level. It lists the interests and clients. And it is good: transparency means equal access to information. Bringing trust to influence processes is good for all of us: communicators, advocates and lobbyists.

Here is the link to my interview at Swiss National Radio (interview in French)

Lukasz Bochenek

Managing Director / Deputy CEO, based in Geneva

Lukasz is Managing Director for Switzerland, Belgium and UK offices as well as deputy CEO for Leidar. He oversees key international client projects and relationships. In addition, he manages external partnerships and memberships of Leidar. 

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