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Are you businessworthy?


During Sir Richard Branson’s visit to Norway in November 2016, he met with 20 young leaders in Oslo to discuss how to become businessworthy, how to influence those who are not and share his insights from a long life in business.

Sir Richard Branson left me with three pieces of advice.

  1. We all need to work for something with a greater purpose.
  2. Business is there to make people’s lives better.
  3. Shortermism is evil to the world.

Business leaders have roles for longer periods of time than elected politicians. So business leaders should use their long-term commitments to adhere to ethical and responsible conduct when interacting with society. It is in their long-term benefit.

I firmly believe it is our responsibility to try and leave the planet in a better condition than we found it.

Sir Richard Branson (Business for Peace Honouree from 2014, UK) Founder, Virgin Group

I am certain that if people and the companies they work with find their North Star they will work for something with greater purpose. I have signed the Businessworthy pledge with a commitment to try to help people find their North Star so that they can set their course, navigate the increasingly complex world and communicate effectively. That is how we try to make a difference.

To let the world know why and how we do business with purpose and the Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation, Leidar’s leadership team has signed the Businessworthy pledge here

So should you. Sign the pledge and let the world know how you will spend your life doing business and that you are #BusinessWorthy.

And in the words of Sir Richard Branson; “You will play a crucial role.”

Ingrid Helsingen Warner

Senior Advisor, International Communications, based in Oslo

Ingrid is currently on maternity leave. At Leidar she supports internationally-minded leaders and companies with their positioning and thought leadership activities.

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