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Leidar is a global communication consultancy that helps clients set their course, navigate and communicate effectively. 

This is Leadership Navigation.

We present one team that, through a complete set of solutions, helps clients: 

  • set their course and explain where they are heading
  • navigate by distinguishing themselves from competitors, creating a following, being prepared for risks and dealing proactively with reputational issues and opportunities
  • communicate through all the relevant communication channels and engage effectively with stakeholders

We deliver unique value for our clients through effective collaboration, and high-quality and well-defined working processes based on a wide mix of skills.

This way of working ensures verbal and visual creativity work together. We create teams for each task, in which our consultants appreciate the competence of their peers, where there is little ego and where there is a dedicated focus on collective success defined only by the positive outcomes for our clients.

Leidar was launched in 2010 based with a simple mission: to help leaders navigate the many issues and challenges in today’s world. Using high-impact communications and leadership strategies, we help our clients set new directions, identify and steer away from trouble spots and stay on course for success.

Our name, vision and mission

The star in our logo represents the North Star that the Vikings used to navigate. They called it the Leidar star. In 1300, the first reference of a compass was made in Hauk’s Landnámabók. The Vikings called the compass the “leidarsteinn” (the Leidar stone).

Leidar was used to navigate both the sea and the stars. Leidar is cognate with Scots “leidar”, Dutch “leider”, German “leiter”, and Icelandic “leiðari“, And it is believed to be one of the origins of the English word “leader”.

Purpose: Help clients find and reach their North Star

This purpose is our WHY. We define the North Star as: vision, mission, values, purpose and narrative. Our clients express their North Star through their brand. Their reputation is a result of how successful they are. 

Vision: Inspire conversations that shape a sustainable future  

Communication is necessary to transform the way we live and consume on planet earth. Our vision is that we can make a difference by supporting our clients by shaping their sustainability strategies and driving transformational stakeholder engagement. 

Mission: Help our clients set their course, navigate the increasingly complex world and communicate effectively with their stakeholders 

This mission is our HOW. We deliver through Leadership Navigation – set the course, navigate and communicate. 


Our values

Our values define how we behave with our clients, colleagues and stakeholders in general. 


Always focus on solutions


Harness the power of the team


Only accept excellent work and the highest standards of behaviour


Challenge status quo

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