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Claudia Ungarelli profile photo

Claudia Ungarelli

Consultant, Advocacy and Public Affairs, based in Brussels

Claudia focuses on EU public affairs, advocacy and engagement for corporations, NGOs and multi-stakeholder organisations. Before joining Leidar in 2021, she worked in-house, for think tanks, as well as in public affairs communication consultancies advising a diverse portfolio of clients.

Claudia’s special professional and private interest is in patient advocacy. She is an active member of the leadership team of the Italian Kidney Cancer Association (ANTURE) and is an elected Member of the Board of Directors of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC).

Claudia holds a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies and she has a Master’s in European Public Affairs, both from the University of Maastricht. Her BA thesis was on the media framing of the Brexit debate in British news coverage, focused on the discourse around the 2016 British Referendum. Her MA thesis examined how crises affect policy development, generating institutional change or continuity. Claudia’s personal interests concentrate on understanding and challenging prevailing narratives surrounding stigmatised, under-represented and minority groups. She has a broader concern for social justice, specifically the implications of media influence on public perceptions and, ultimately, decision-making processes.

Claudia’s office teammates

    Lutz Meyer

    Senior Advisor, Advocacy and Public Affairs

    Lukasz Bochenek

    Managing Director / Deputy CEO