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Social media


Social media is a key engagement communication channel but companies and organisations risk facing diminishing returns. Organic reach has dropped significantly across channels, as networks update their algorithms to encourage different types of usage and increase ad revenues.

There are also more users than ever before, which is good and bad: there is a larger potential audience but also more noise. Audiences have shorter attention spans than ever before: it is now estimated to be three seconds, down from 10 seconds five years ago.

In this highly competitive context, social media has to be considered as part of the strategic communications mix.

We help clients build their social media approach into the overall communications and execute powerful campaigns. There is a real skill in writing for social media; it is no accident the best writers on Twitter are journalists. Our team is also expert in short-form writing.

Social media programs can encompass:

  • Social media audit
  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media training
  • Digital influencer mapping
  • Digital engagement audit
  • Social media campaigns – from concept to execution
  • Digital content development
  • Digital measurement and evaluation

Our integrated delivery

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