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Media relations


Every journalist is under pressure to produce a fast stream of content, providing an opening to provide writers with relevant and usable content. It is no longer enough to have good relationships: content is all that matters.

Our team of writers understands how the media works, how best to present the content they need and when. As a result, our clients receive regular and high-quality coverage in trade, local, national and international news media. We also train spokespeople, giving them confidence in the delivery of their messages.

Media coverage is important because it is third party endorsement: your messages are effectively endorsed by the publication that prints your information and the journalists who write the story. That makes it much more powerful than any advertising.

It is essential that the messages projected through the media are reflected across other channels – social media, direct marketing, advertising and so on – to derive real value. The sum of the whole is always greater than the value of the individual elements. That is why we always coordinate activity across all channels.

Media relations can encompass:

  • Media monitoring
  • News releases
  • Media relations
  • Content
  • Third party endorsement
  • Channel integration
  • Measurement
  • Media training

Our integrated delivery

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