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The UK is one of the world’s biggest economies and London is the leading financial and media centre.

The UK is in itself a very important and interesting market, and Leidar is ready to support any UK business that needs to position itself either in the UK or across the global capitals of influence. We are also in London because it is the global content and creativity hub. Our design team can draw on talents from all over the world, in London. Our media team is next door to the world’s most influential news sources – the FT, the Economist and the BBC. There are two distinct forces emerging in the global media landscape. First, we see the proliferation of media channels and influencers at an unprecedented scale. Second, we see a concentration of competencies and high-level in-depth news analysis delivered innovatively by a few media channels. The FT and the Economist are setting the standard. And thanks to digital capabilities, they becoming more current than broadcast channels and much more accessible thanks to flexible ways of content delivery, using a combination of paper, digital, audio and video.  People of influence will increasingly spend their time consuming content from these channels, as opposed to surfing free content on digital channels or repetitive broadcasting. Coverage in these channels is becoming increasingly important, and much more difficult to secure.

What we do

Content is king in the global media landscape. Our focus is on helping clients cut through the noise by creating excellent and compelling content, both written and visual, and ensuring it is delivered to the key audiences in the most effective and timely way.

The Leidar team, made up of strategists, writers and designers, works with companies and organisations to target audiences in the UK, Europe and across the world. Our range of clients includes international organisations leading their industry, educational institutions, trade bodies, membership organisations, disruptive start-ups and organisations seeking to influence policy-making at all levels.

We work in cross-office teams to support organisations targeting the UK, exploiting the London, Geneva and Brussels triangle of influence.


2 Kingdom Street, London W2 6BD

Lat: 51.5196698, Long: -0.1811933  

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Charlie Pryor

Senior Advisor, International Communications

Tel: +44 7958 975667‬

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