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The EU sets the standard for global regulation and policy. Every global company and organisation needs to follow what’s happening in Brussels.

Initiatives are often invented in Geneva, but they are reinforced in Brussels. Here, the regulations become policies and hard law, ultimately setting the direction for national legislation in Europe and the standard for the rest of the world. 

Influencing in Brussels goes far beyond traditional serial lobbying processes. Brussels is increasingly part of and influenced by global issues and discourse, and the consultants that operate only in the Brussels bubble work with a limited toolkit. Our view is that truly effective advocacy needs to be managed across many channels and in many countries, and it has to be informed by a team that understands the global perspective.

What we do

Leidar’s Brussels team supports leading international organisations, companies, trade associations and civil society organisations to advocate effectively around EU, global policy, and regulatory developments and debates.

We provide a well-balanced blend of advocacy professionals, campaigning specialists, political and regulatory experts as well as researchers, drawing on the full spectrum of communication tools. We deliver engagement strategies that leverage our unique Brussels-Geneva-London triangle of influence, and our global reach through our strategic partners.

Leidar’s proprietary strategy development methodologies, combined with our digital stakeholder mapping and engagement tools, form the basis for impactful bespoke campaigns that deliver measurable outcomes and achieve defined objectives for our clients.


Square de Meeûs – de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels

Lat: 50.84076, Long: 4.36943  

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Lutz Meyer

Senior Advisor, Advocacy and Public Affairs

Tel: +41 22 365 99 63

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