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Rethink restart


Staying productive during Covid-19 restrictions and beyond

The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing how we all work and communicate. For many of us, it means working from home, not travelling and not having face-to-face meetings. When the Covid-19 crisis is over and the uptick comes, we are likely to have a new normal that could well include more remote working and fewer large, in-person events.

Now is the time to prepare for the future, to be in the strongest possible position for an advantageous return to business.

Now is also the time to look up and ahead – and to take advantage of the availability of both colleagues and customers.

With less travel and more time at home, it may be easier to connect with your teams to look at strategy and planning, or to connect with prospective customers online for a new service or engagement.

Leidar has a wide range of services to help you stay productive and engage with stakeholders through online means:

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We provide all the tools you need to continue communicating with your target audiences, whether you can see them face-to-face or online.

Set your course

  • Research and insights
  • Branding and naming
  • Message development
  • Leadership in the digital age


  • Storytelling
  • Making sense of big data
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Briefing designers


  • Advocacy and public affairs
  • Social media
  • Handling the media and media training
  • Internal communications
  • Crisis and issues communications
  • Presenting
  • Change management communications
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