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Leidar Switzerland now in Geneva under new leadership


Leidar’s move to Geneva is now complete and the office in Nyon is closed.  

After eight years in the centre of Nyon, most of the Leidar Switzerland team members are now located in the centre of Geneva – a less than five minute walk from the Geneva main railway station.

Throughout 2017 we have been busy transferring to the new and larger offices on Rue Ami-Lévrier 15 in Geneva.  Dr. Lukasz Bochenek (right on picture) is Managing Director of the Leidar Switzerland team and is running a large portfolio of client relationships with his strong team.  He also continues to act as co-director of the Executive program for Advocacy in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute through Leidar´s partnership with the university.

Lukasz joined Leidar already in 2009 and was part of preparing for the launch in 2010.  He took his Phd in Management at the University in Neuchatel in 2013 while working full time for Leidar. An international review committee awarded his thesis titled “Corporate Social Responsibility in International Agenda-Setting” the supreme grade “summa cum laude”. His thesis discussed implications of new media technologies and how changes in the stakeholder landscape should influence strategic corporate communications management. Lukasz also holds a MA degree in Communications from the University of Geneva and BA in Social Science from the University of Warsaw.

Lukasz is highly respected by clients and colleagues for his analytical and strategic capacity – in addition to being an outstanding manager of processes, programs, people and outcomes.

“Our ambition is to build the leading communication consultancy in International Geneva”, Lukasz says in a comment. “We see that our 360 offer is increasingly relevant for both International companies and organisations, and with strong capability both in London and Brussels, we can deliver influence far beyond the important corridors of International Geneva,” he adds.

The Geneva office also houses the Norwegian Honorary Consulate General, and Leidar founder Rolf Olsen (left on picture) has taken on the role of Honorary Consul General for Norway in Geneva and Canton Vaud in addition to continuing in his role as consultant and CEO for Leidar.  The opening of the consulate was marked with a reception hosted by the Norwegian Ambassador in Bern, Thomas Hauff.

The reception honoured the outgoing Honorary Consul General, Olivier Dunant who has held the position since 1986. Amongst many friends and leaders from the Norwegian Community, we were also honoured with the presence of François Longchamp, président du conseil d’etat in Geneva and Hans Brattskar Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva.

Rolf Olsen

CEO, based in Geneva

Rolf Olsen launched Leidar in 2010 and continues to lead the company as CEO.  He advises clients on strategy and narrative development; crisis management; and complex reputational issues on a global scale.

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