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Leidar strengthens its legal and litigation communications offering in Europe


Litigation communications has been often associated with US courtroom strategies. Close cooperation between legal and communications professionals has been used as a successful strategy to influence the outcomes of the litigation processes for decades. The 24/7 news cycle, and proliferation of news and information enhanced by artificial intelligence, increases a need for comprehensive public relations strategies in legal contexts.  

Leidar’s teams have been assisting international companies, non-profit organisations and individuals in reputation building, management and protection strategies for many years. Our US team in particular, has a tremendous experience in dealing with the most complex judicial matters, building on Richard Levick’s legacy. He was the father of modern legal communications and our team benefited from his careful mentoring, learning from his decades of practice.  

We are now bringing that experience to Europe, enhancing our offering by combining our experience of reputation management and crisis communications with specific litigation communications methodologies and strategies. Our experienced team of corporate affairs and public relations professionals is ready to support you with the most complex legal and corporate issues.  

Our process includes both strategy development and tactical execution.
  • Know the context – You are not operating in a vacuum. It is essential to understand the bigger picture of what is happening around you. This intelligence allows you to frame your messages so they have the greatest resonance with your target audience. 
  • Identify the strategic objective – What is your legal and communications objective? How do they create cohesiveness between legal action and reputation management? How can communications enhance your desired legal outcomes?  
  • Understand the target audiences – Who do you need to reach to achieve the strategic objectives? What are their objections, opinions and attitudes? What is their level of knowledge? What kind of misperceptions might they have? How can you best influence them?   
  • Think like the opposition – What are your biggest vulnerabilities? What angles are  likely to be used against you, now and as the legal process progresses? Always assume the worst information will come out. What messages and tactics can we develop to protect you from those attacks?  
  • Develop themes and messages – How do you want your story to be told? How can you frame your messages? What do you want people to feel, think and do as a result of your influence strategy?   
  • Be ready, always – Develop all supporting material, Q&As, statements, possible media and social media messages, covering every conceivable scenario. Ensure that they are tailored to stakeholder groups and priority audiences.   
  • Get there first – There is no more helpful tool in litigation communications than being the first party to tell the story. In so doing, you define the agenda and force all others to conform to your interpretation of events. Make sure to be on the forefront of all developments. 
The best strategy needs to be supported by excellent tactical execution. Our multi-talented team of communications experts supports litigation communications execution through: 
  • On-going landscape review  
  • Media and social media monitoring and reporting  
  • Message and content development  
  • Media and spokespeople training 
  • Global and local media relations 
  • Web and digital communications  
  • Design and creative execution 
  • Post-litigation support  

Winning in the court of public opinion

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Lukasz Bochenek

Managing Director / Deputy CEO, based in Geneva

Lukasz is Managing Director for Switzerland, Belgium and UK offices as well as deputy CEO for Leidar. He oversees key international client projects and relationships. In addition, he manages external partnerships and memberships of Leidar. 

Aleksandra Krol

Senior Consultant, Advocacy and Public Affairs, based in Geneva

Aleksandra is a Public Affairs Senior Consultant based in Geneva. She is a legal professional with experience in cross-border work, gained across both public and private sectors.