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Integrated delivery


With digital communications and its opportunities in targeting both wide and narrowly-defined audiences, modest investments can achieve high returns in all communications disciplines.

Given the nature of digital communication channels, current user behaviour content and digital visualisation are central. The combination of content and visuals is at the core of any overall communications strategy. 

The current environment calls for integrated delivery to deliver impact. Leidar’s delivery is founded on the following ideas and competencies: 

  • Communication strategy starts with understanding stakeholders 
  • Content is king 
  • Concerted visual identity and presentation are fundamental 
  • Video and animations are becoming more and more important as the most powerful vehicle for storytelling 
  • Engagement strategies must be built around strong dynamic owned digital communication channels coupled with effective pursuit of earned as well as paid digital and traditional media channels 
  • Big conversations inspire; small conversations create change 
  • Measurement and monitoring are integral to success and effectiveness of communication campaigns 
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